No, these can only be added to Online Banking for members to view 'Info Only'. This can be configured in Tool #506: Member Rate Maintenance by entering a PC code. Product '01' will show first, '02' second, and so on. Products with a PC code of '00' will not show up in Online Banking.

NOTE: Entering a PC code and clicking the Forward arrow or the 'Save/Update Rates' button will not allow the changes to be saved. To get the PC code changes to save, after entering each PC code, click the "pencil" icon that appears to the right of the PC code to setup your Online Banking defaults for that product. Once you enter through the Certificate of Deposit Maintenance screen (you do not need to select a 'Div payment/transfer freq' or 'Default renewal code' for this product type) and the Member Sales Information screen, your changes will be saved.