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  • 1. How do I change my password on the Talent Source Portal? Views: 60
    Click on the Change Password link in the portal header then follow the steps provided.
  • 2. Why do the islands on my Portal page have gaps in the header? Views: 44
    This is a problem specific to Internet Explorer 8 . This is easily solved by setting up compatibility mode. This is changed in your browser by clicking Tools > Compatibility View Settings. Near the top of your page should be a textbox with talentsrc.com and an add button beside it. Click the add button and close the window. This will refresh your page and the broken header bars will be gone.
  • 3. I can't seem to move islands around on one of my pages and make them stay where I want them. How can I do this? Views: 41
    Most of the time, moving islands around is pretty easy. But if you're having trouble, try these tips: Check the number of islands on your page. Limit the number on a single page to 10. If you need more islands than that, create a new page and add them there, then link to that page using the Hyperlink manager. Look at the Titles in your individual islands. Remove any character that is consider punctuation. For example. If you have a title of What's Up with That? Modify it to be What s Up w  More...
  • 4. Why can't I add and remove users from a workgroup? Views: 41
    To add or remove users from a workgroup requires that you be defined to that workgroup as an Assistant Manager. This is the best way to handle this situation: Ask the Workgroup manager to add you to that Workgroup as an Assistant Manager. Portal Tools > Manage Workgroups > Workgroup Manager > then click the Padlock Icon for the Workgroup > Add\Remove (you or other user) > OK --- Next the Workgroup Manager will find the added name in the listed Assistant Managers > Edit Perm  More...
  • 5. When I try to link a document to a page, it links to our entire drive. Instead of just opening the intended document only. Am I missing a step? Views: 31
    Reminder: Documents must be stored on a shared drive to make them accessible to employees and other users of your portal. 1. Open Explorer (My Computer) 2. Navigate to the file (document) you want to link. 3. Right click on the filename and select Properties to display a panel. 4. Go back, to the portal and navigate to the Workgroup > Page > Island which must be a Rich Text Editor Island for this exercise. 5. Click the Actions link in the upper left cor  More...
  • 6. How do I create a new page for my Workgroup? Views: 19
    To create a page for a Workgroup, first make sure you have Assistant Manager permissions for that specific Workgroup. This is the procedure to follow: My Preferences > My Workgroups > locate the Workgroup and click on the Pages Icon to display the existing pages. Now - Click New Page > Enter a name > if you want this page to be listed under Public Pages, click that 'on > Select the page type (URL or Island) > Click Next - - - - At this point you can Visit that new page   More...
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