This comes from the Workstation Device Configuration in CU*BASE.  To view or change this:
  • Launch Tool #326 CU Hardware Configuration
  • Select Terminal/Workstation
  • In the list of workstations, locate the ID of the workstation you are looking up and double click on it (or just type the ID and press Enter)
This will open up the terminal's configuration in CU*BASE.  In the middle is the list of default printers where your documents will print:
  • General Printer - this will be the printer to which all reports and other documents that do not match the other categories are sent 
  • Checks/Money Orders - this will be the printer to which all checks, money orders, and starter/temp checks are sent 
  • Receipts - this will be the printer to which all member receipts are sent, whether they are teller, shared branching, member transfers, etc. 
  • Loan App/Denial - this will be the printer to which all loan applications and denials are sent 
  • Custom Loan - this will be the printer that all custom forms are sent to
The printers listed are often just default selections for the workstation.  On most features in CU*BASE, the user has the option to override what printer the document is being sent to.  The printer selection will default to what is specified in CU Hardware Config but can be overridden on the menu for that one print job.  NOTE:  For reports where the user is not presented with the option of selecting a printer, if a default is not specified in the device configuration, it may default to the default printer on the IBM i (generally PRT01), unless special programming is put into place on the report to direct it to the device configured in CU*BASE.  If this is the case, contact a CSR and submit a project sheet to request that the report in question to be corrected.