No, our CSRs will not reset the 2-digit CU*BASE Employee IDs for your staff.   This must be done by an internal CU security officer. Use Tool #762 "Reset Employee ID Password."

It is important that credit unions insure proper training to their employees regarding the expiration of their CU*BASE Employee ID password. We deliver a warning message of expiration 7 business days prior to the staff member.  If an expiration occurs, it is important someone at the credit union be available that has security authority to reset the password for this employee. Many times this happens on a Saturday when only the teller staff is at work.

CU*Answers is audited for any maintenance performed on credit union employee security. In extreme cases, a written authorization will be requested to provide to our auditors.
NOTE:  Credit unions can also reset their USERID passwords (the one used to log in to CU*BASE) using Tool # 763 "Reset User Password / Device."