When emails are processed by our servers, if the system encounters an email address flagged as wrong:

  • e-Statements - If your e-Statement configuration allows members to get e-Statements even if they don't have an email address (this is set via Tool #251 Configure eStatement Settings & Fees), members will not get the notification emails, but will still be able to get to their e-Statement through online banking.  If your configuration requires a valid email address, the member gets a printed statement instead (although they will not be un-enrolled). 
  • e-Notices - If the member has requested the email notification, then if his email address is later flagged as incorrect, he will still receive the e-Notice in online banking but would not receive the email notification until the address was corrected.
  • e-Alerts - Members would not receive the email notifications but they will still get the alert via the Online Banking Secure Message Center. 
  • Marketing messages - Members flagged with wrong email addresses will not receive emails sent via Member Connect (including Member Reach messages).