We call this process “Roving  Teller.”  First give the teller access to the appropriate vaults in their employee profile (see below).  Then when the teller activates his or her drawer via Tool #1 Teller Line Posting, the appropriate vault for the branch where the teller is working will be selected automatically. (Tool #1600 Xpress Teller will do the same thing, but activation is done behind the scenes automatically.)
  • NOTE:  If the teller activates their drawer through Tool #33 "Teller Vault Control/Inquiry," the teller will need to select the appropriate vault in order to activate the drawer.
To give the employee access to multiple vaults:
  1. Launch Employee Security Maintenance by selecting Tool #327 CU*BASE Employee Security
  2. Find the teller’s Employee ID, select it and click Empl Profile (or simply double-click on the ID)
  3. Click the Select button next to Other authorized vaults
  4. Hold down the Ctrl key then click to select as many vaults as needed
  5. Click the forward arrow button or Select, or press Enter to save