Starting in 2012 with the 12.2 release, CU*Answers began running a new daily routine.  Invalid email addresses are collected by the system throughout the day.  Then during BOD processing, CU*BASE marks each email address as a wrong email address and records a Tracker conversation with the name of the operator who ran BOD.  An email address is marked as being a wrong email address only if it is returned with a “fatal” error.  If the system receives a non-fatal error, such as a bounce-back due to a mailbox being full or an “out of office” email, CU*BASE will not mark this address as being invalid.

Note for Self Processors:  To use the new automation feature, self processors will need to select the new option on MNOP08 (OPER #7) #28-Gather Undeliverable Email Addrs (at any time during the day) to prepare the emails for BOD processing.