Yes!  Here's a list of just a few of them:

Stuff members will love:
  • Favorite accounts - Which accounts they want to see front and center when they log in.
  • Favorite features - Features they want to see along with their favorite accounts, like quick transfer, eStatements, and bill pay.
  • Member messaging - Neat little scrolling ads that pop up to alert members about messages they've received, documents ready for eSignature, password change reminders, and 1Click offers.  And our favorite new one...
  • Pending ACH messaging - If your credit union allows members to post ACH deposits early, a member who has a pending deposit will see a clickable pop-up letting them know something has arrived in the warehouse!
  • Upload your profile pic - All personal info has been grouped under the new Profile menu, which can be customized by the member with an uploaded picture. Especially nice for members who jump between accounts - each membership can have a different profile pic!
  • Search transaction history - When viewing Account Details (tran history) there is a new "search transactions" box where you can enter an amount, part of the transaction description, a check #, or any other text that appears in the transaction list to find all matching items. An "Advanced" button also lets you choose from a list of common transaction types, or specify a dollar amount range.
Stuff your credit union will love:
  • Banner ads - Just like in our mobile app, you can include clickable graphical ads, and change 'em up any time you like.
  • Unprecedented control over navigation - Set up where you want links to appear and which links you want to be prominent, promote special offers or features you want to highlight, and switch things around to keep things fresh. Link to any just about any feature from just about anywhere! 
  • CU branding and color selection - With CU Publisher's new It's Me 247 Manager, your credit union can have complete control over the look and feel, beyond anything you've ever seen before!