Yes, there will be a few features we are not bringing over into the new mobile first design. 

Features being permanently sunset:
  • Promise Deposits - As most CUs and members have fully embraced RDC with its available near-real-time posting option, we made the decision not to bring the Promise Deposits feature into the new modules/mobile first design.
  • Member-selected color themes, picture albums, and start page - The start page feature has been replaced by the "Favorite accounts" and "Favorite features" options that let a member pick which of their accounts and which online banking features will appear on the main page that appears when logging in. The site can further be personalized by uploading an image to appear in the Profile placeholder. And since credit unions will now have complete control over colors and graphical ads presented in the application, we have removed the ability for members to set their own site theme.
  • Downloads to the Microsoft Money (.OFX) format - Downloads will still be available to all other formats already in production (.CSV, .QIF, .QFX, .QBO).
  • eStatements on-screen features - Because a mobile first design means all functions must work optimally on a mobile phone, we have elected to remove some of the older interactive functionality that was integrated into our eStatement presentation:
    • The on-screen checking account recon calculator has been replaced by the worksheet that appears on the "back page" disclosure document, which can be downloaded as a PDF.
    • The on-screen Teller Receipt Analysis feature is now available as a downloadable PDF. 
    • The CSV Download feature which was available via eStatements has been removed. (Remember that members can still use the download feature within It's Me 247 if they wish to download transaction records for their own use.)
Features being temporarily sunset:
  • Smart Messages - We are working through some ideas for possibly reintegrating this feature later, but in the meantime, your credit union now has many more options for delivering messaging and advertising content to your members using CU Publisher capabilities.
  • The "See" feature - The existing "jump" feature is still available and easier to use than ever by clicking the Profile button. But because of the mobile first design, we have struggled to come up with a user experience for the "see" feature. That feature works best in the larger display of a desktop or even tablet, but when reduced to the size of a mobile phone, it is very difficult to convey which accounts are being viewed and what can be done with them. (Suggestions are welcome!)  Although the controls are still available in CU*BASE, the feature will not be available in the first phase of the new look.
  • The Mobile Experience Center and the Products & Services page - We are still working through the UI design on these features as well, but will be adding them back in a future phase.