We will not be converting any existing members who have only the "See" feature activated so that they automatically allow "Jump" for those relationships, but you can make those adjustments yourself as members request that access be reinstated.  Use Tool #14 Member Personal Banker then choose See/Jump Relationships.

Since we are still considering how to introduce a different type of "See" functionality in the future, at this point we will not be removing the existing settings from the configuration tables for members. The new look for It's Me 247 will simply ignore any records with a relationship type of "S" for See.

Want to reach out proactively to your members with "see" relationships?  

The Asterisk Intelligence Team has put together a simple query that we can provide for FREE to any credit union who wants to identify exactly which memberships are affected. Keep in mind these are extremely small lists for most credit unions. The average is just 7 relationships per CU if they have any, and some have none. Visit the store to request a copy of this free query: https://store.cuanswers.com/product/query-a-list-of-see-only-relationships/

(TIP: The table where these configuration records are stored is named ARUSJDT.  As you'll see, for every "J" Jump type record there will always be a companion "S" See type record.  But if a member had allowed See only, then you'd see only a single "S" type record.)