Here's a list of some of the things your credit unions can customize:

Colors & Branding
  • Background and button colors
  • Logo image (yours, or It's Me 247)
  • Login page logo, background image and colors
  • Background image for the member profile page
  • Clickable banner ads across the top of the home page, feature module pages, and other locations throughout the application
  • Content on the Find a Branch page
  • Content on the Assist (FAQ) page
  • Links to social media sites, your website, and other external sites
Custom Menu
  • Links on the navigation menus across the top* of the desktop/tablet display (or the pull-out menu for a mobile phone)
  • Features highlighted in the widgetbar - these are little mini-menus that you can configure to appear along the left edge of the desktop/tablet display (or from items on the pull-out menu for a mobile phone)
  • Links in contextual menus, such as the pop-out list of features that appear when clicking on a savings or loan account
*NOTE: Across the top of the standard layout is what we call the "mega menu" which contains all of the standard features for It's Me 247. Although your CU can add links to this menu and control which features appear on it, if you decide to relabel and move things around, keep in mind that the standard online help, other documentation, email messages for things such as eAlerts and eNotices, shared marketing materials, and the like, will usually refer to the standard labels and location. 

  • Disclosure logos and copyright content (Equal Housing Opportunity, Equal Housing Lender, NCUA or other insurance statements, etc.)