Xpress Teller is a new, separate teller processing platform to CU*BASE, designed to streamline and simplify the teller experience, offering an alternative that was built with today’s changing credit union lobbies in mind. There are some high-level strategic decisions your credit union should be thinking about now, as you make your plans for implementing Xpress Teller including:
  1. Teller Services and Tools: What features will you offer at the teller line? Who will use which version of teller? Start thinking now about the strategy.
  2. Receipts: Are you prepared to implement vertical receipts? Remember, you don’t have to use Xpress Teller to use vertical receipts otherwise.
  3. Workflow Rules: Who will decide what your workflow controls will be? How will you engage with the updated search capabilities?
  4. Hardware and Training: Will tellers need larger monitors to use larger screen sizes? Who will head up your internal training efforts? Will you attend release training and the Earning’s Edge webinars to learn more?
  5. Verification and Engagement: Who will take the lead helping us verify the new system in the field? Will your credit union champion the evolution of Xpress Teller?