This procedure should be used if the member's password was disabled because of two many invalid retries.  The error message the member will see reads:  Please contact the Credit Union for a new password.   (Click the Related Q&A link below for instructions on what to do if the password was expired due to non-use.)

  1. Navigate to Member Personal Banker, and use the online banking change password option.  Type the account number and press Enter until you reach the screen where you reset the member's password.
    Type "PIN" in the sequence field on any menu (remember that you will need to be granted access to this speed sequence in order to use it) and press Enter
  2. Enter the member's account number and press Enter
  3. Under the Online Banking column (right side of the screen), place a checkmark in the "Reset password..." option and press Enter

This will reset the password to the temporary password setting configured by your credit union.  This will appear on the password reset page.  Make sure to encourage the member to immediately log in and It's Me 247 will walk the member through the steps to choose a new password.