Yes!  The Statement Processing steps are as follows (performed by CU*Answers Operations Department for online clients and internally by Self-Processing Clients):
OPER-6 Statement Processing:
1 - Create Statement Work Files
  • This option is run just once each month and produces the work files for the following options.
2 - Create Statements for Print
  • Produces a file for the statements that are to be printed
  • EXCLUDES e-statements (unless member has the "mailed copy for xx months" option)
  • EXCLUDES statements with no-mail codes configured through Tool #275 "Configure Statement Mail Groups" as "Archive Only"
  • INCLUDES statements with no-mail codes that are configured through Tool #275 "Configure Statement Mail Groups" as "Print and Archive"

3 - Create Statements for Archive

  • Produces a file for ALL statements.
  • INCLUDES all no-mails and e-statements.

**NOTE FOR SELF PROCESSING CLIENTS**  If using the same vendor for both printing and archiving statements, you need to send them two different files (Steps 2 & 3 above) - one for printing, and one for archiving.