In the case of a custodial membership for a child and parent, the correct procedure is to open the membership in the child’s name and SSN, then put the parent’s SSN as the joint owner.
NOTE:  It is not possible for the joint owner name to state “As Custodian” instead of just the parent’s name.  Because of the way joint owners are simply links between two member/non-member records in CU*BASE, a change to the joint owner name in this case would actually change the parent’s membership record, and that parent would see “As Custodian” on their statement even for their own account! 

Remember that your Membership Designation Code can be configured with specific rules and procedure tips that MSRs can access by clicking the Info button in the upper-left corner of the main Inquiry, Phone Operator, and Teller Verify Member screens. 
Following are standard procedures for setting up custodial accounts:
  1. First, open a membership using the child’s name and SSN. Choose the Membership Designation code for custodial accounts (usually CS).

    NOTE:  Do NOT use the parent’s SSN to create this account.  If the child does not have a SSN, you may assign an unused “imitation” SSN starting with 995-00-xxxx.  (Refer to the “CU*BASE Standards for Social Security Numbers” document for details.)
  2. Add one or more joint owners as usual, using the parent's SSN.

Because of the Membership Designation, inquiry and teller screens will display your configured verbiage (such as "minor" and "custodian") in place of "member name" and "joint owner."

(Remember that the system does NOT allow you to use the same SSN/TIN for the member and the joint owner.  The only exception would be if that member has two different membership accounts.)