Yes.  In fact, that is the way we are now recommending you configure your codes and set up your member accounts.  This not only makes it easier to track the different types of trusts, but more importantly, makes the field labels make more sense for your member service staff. 
  1. Create a new Membership Designation Code (such as "TO") to be used only for Organizational trust accounts.  The label for primary name would be "Trust name" and the label for joint owner name would be "Trustee."  Check only the Organization (MO) membership type checkbox.
  2. Update any existing organizational memberships to use the new code.  (HINT:  Query your MASTER file for records where the MASTYP = MO and the MBRDESG = TR.)
  3. Change your existing Membership Designation code for Trusts (usually TR) so that the label for primary name is "Trustee" and the label for joint owner is also "Trustee."  The label for the DBA name field would be "Trust name."  Make sure only the Individual (MI) flag is checked.  (This can only be done if step 2 is complete and there are no more MO records that use this code.)
  4. For these memberships, enter the Trust name into the DBA name field. 


  • If you choose to create a separate code such as TI (Trust Individual), when you delete the TR code CU*BASE will automatically request a code to which all existing TR memberships can be moved.
  • Remember that the Membership Designation code can be configured to label the DBA name differently as well as designate what prints on correspondence (primary member name or DBA name).