Yes, the Statement Mail Groups feature lets you configure up to 9 codes that can be attached to a member's account.  The codes specify whether statements should be printed and archived (the standard method) or just archived only.  This is used in situations such as for members with written-off loans or bankruptcy situations where the member shouldn't receive a statement, or even if you want to avoid printing statements for your own staff.  Archived statements are available through CU*SPY and can be viewed by using the View Statements command key in Inquiry or Phone Operator.

  • IMPORTANT: You do NOT need to change the setting of this flag for members that are enrolled for e-Statements.  The system automatically takes care of whether or not to produce a printed statement based on a member's e-Statement enrollment settings, so this flag would be redundant.  Leave those members at a code of 0.

Statement Mail Groups are configured using Tool #275 "Configure Statement Mail Groups."  Then the code can be assigned to an individual member account using Tool #15 "Update Membership Information." 

  • NOTE:  Any members who are marked with the "Wrong Address" flag are automatically funneled into group 7 when statements are processed, so you don't have to worry about adding a Statement Mail Group code for those members.

(Do not confuse Statement Mail Groups with the User-Defined Codes, formerly referred to as Mail Codes.  User-Defined Codes are intended strictly for miscellaneous marketing purposes and are not used by any automated CU*BASE processing.)