The FRB produces five sets of files each business day on weekdays, Monday through Friday, except for Federal Holidays. CU*Answers posts the files as follows:
  • CU*Answers receives the first set of files overnight and posts them by 8:30 AM ET.
  • CU*Answers receives the second set of files by noon and posts by 1:00 PM ET. 
    • Same-day credits must be posted with this file.
  • CU*Answers receives the third set of files by 4:00 PM ET and posts by 5:00 PM ET.  
    • Same-day credits must be posted with this file.
  • CU*Answers retrieves the fourth and fifth set of files at 5:30 PM ET and 10:00 PM ET and posts them prior to the close of business day, 10:30 PM ET.
    • As this posting is a combined posting, two Receive reports and one Posting report are produced. 
Please remember that these posting times are approximate and may vary.

This posting rubric applies to CU*Answers online credit unions. Credit unions that participate in agreements with differing processors or services (such as MY CU Services, CU*NorthWest, CU*South, etc.) may have different guidelines and timelines for their ACH posting activity.