There may be some rare instances when a secondary record does not appear in the listing.  Look to see if the name appears as a non-member record.  

If the Joint/Additional Signer member or non-member information is incorrect in the ADSL or SECNAMES tables, the search results will not return that party as a Joint Owner/Misc Owner/Beneficiary/Additional Signer of another’s account.  

For example, if Mary Member was a member when she was added as a joint owner and then leaves the credit union, the secondary record could still indicate that she was a member, when this is no longer the case.  Mary will then show as a nonmember, but there may not be a search match of her as a secondary member on John’s account.

This can also happen when a joint owner wasn't added correctly in the first place, by linking directly to an existing member or non-member record.  (CUs that have been on the CU*BASE system for many years may find this true in some of their older memberships where they never went back and cleaned up the free-form text joint owner name to be a true link.)