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  • 1. Can I print DBA names on statements and other documents?
    Your credit union can elect to print the DBA name instead of the primary member name on all standard (non-custom) correspondence (use the link below to see the list of documents). This flag will be turned off by default. With the CU*BASE 9.2 release (August 2009), this flag is set as part of the Membership Designation code configuration, which means that you can set it differently depending on the type of membership. For example, you might want to use the member's name on most memberships  More...
  • 2. What is the best way to set up a trust account on CU*BASE?
    Trust accounts can be set up as either individual or organizational depending on the legal nature of the trust. When creating the membership use your credit union's appropriate Membership Designation code (see the link below for tips on using separate codes for each type). For trusts that use a person’s SSN (where you do not have a separate TIN for the trust), set up the account as an individual account, and use the DBA field for the trust name. (Remember that you can configure wheth  More...
  • 3. What's the best way to create a Representative Payee account on CU*BASE?
    In a nutshell, you will set up a Membership Designation Code for Representative Payee, with the label for primary name set to Beneficiary and the label for the joint owner name set to Rep Payee. Then the procedure is to open the membership in the beneficiary's name and SSN, then put the representative payee's SSN as the joint owner (type J secondary name link). TIPS: Remember that in CU*BASE the words joint owner simply are used to describe a particular record type in the Se  More...
  • 4. Can I set up individual and organizational trusts differently using the Membership Designation codes?
    Yes. In fact, that is the way we are now recommending you configure your codes and set up your member accounts. This not only makes it easier to track the different types of trusts, but more importantly, makes the field labels make more sense for your member service staff. Create a new Membership Designation Code (such as TO ) to be used only for Organizational trust accounts. The label for primary name would be Trust name and the label for joint owner name would be Trustee. Check only  More...
  • 5. How can I change a membership account from an individual (MI) to an organizational (MO) type?
    To change a membership from individual to organizational (or vice versa): Launch Tool #3 Open/Maintain Memberships/Accts” Enter the account base and click Update Membership/Account Info Check the Membership information flag (if you also need to do joint owner maintenance, you can check that flag now as well), then press Enter or click Go to proceed Click Unlock Fields Click Chg to Orgn or Chg to Indv Click the lookup button next to the Designation field and choose the appropriate designat  More...
  • 6. Are there any special requirements to order my member an ATM/Debit card embossed with their DBA name?
    There are no special requirements, however, to order a DBA name on a member plastic, the DBA account must first be a MO (Organizational) Membership Type, as MI (Individual) Membership Types do not allow for business name, or DBA, embossing.
  • 7. Are DBA names printed on tax forms or reported to the IRS?
    No. DBA names are never used on tax forms or for IRS reporting, regardless of whether your credit union normally prints DBA name on correspondence.
  • 8. How do I set up a DBA account on CU*BASE?
    Simply create a membership as usual, then fill in the DBA name in the DBA name field. By Membership Designation code, you can choose the label for this field as well as whether this should print on correspondence such as statements (see the link below for more information).
  • 9. If I choose to print DBA name, on what forms and other documents will it appear in place of the member name?
    Member statements Member envelopes (laser and dot matrix) Certificate laser forms Misc. Member Account Forms* Notices Receipts Denial Notice Forms Generic Membership Application Form Member Starter/Replacement Checks (effective 12/12/05) Currently DBA name does not print on the transaction history report nor does it appear on the generic loan application forms and loan officer worksheet. *For Misc. Member Account Forms, both member name and DBA can be selected.
  • 10. Can I print both the member name and the DBA name at the same time on things like statements or other documents?
    In most cases*, no. If you configure your Membership Designation to print DBA name, it will always print instead of the member name on printed correspondence. This is because the places where this prints typically do not have enough space to add yet another line to the inside address, especially where window envelopes may be involved. *The one exception to this is Misc. Member Account Forms, where you can choose to print both if desired.
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