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These items answer questions asked of AuditLink.
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Questions about this CUSO and the service and products it offers its credit union partners.
  • How many credit union clients does CU*Answers have?
  • Who is Xtend?
  • What is a CUSO?
  • I would like to use the CU*Answers facility for a special event. How do I set this up?
  • How do you get to CU*Answers from the airport in Grand Rapids?
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These items provide answers to questions asked of the Lender@VP team.
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Topics about hardware, communications, networks, and software
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Topics surrounding this CUSO's structure and product offerings.
  • Who is Xtend?
  • What is a CUSO?
  • Who are the owners of Xtend?
  • My credit union is part of Xtend Shared Branching. Can we ever be included in a CU*BASE release beta test?
  • Who is on the Xtend Board of Directors?