For CU*Answers online clients, effective in March 2017 the standard online retention is 12 months for basic savings and checking accounts, and 48 months for all certificates, IRAs (shares and CDs), HSA share and checking accounts, club accounts (such as vacation, holiday, Christmas), tax escrows, and all loans. Prior to March 2017, data retention was 6 months for savings/checking, and 24 months for other member transaction history. Note that when this data is purged, it also removes the additional transaction description data stored in the separate transaction description (TRDESC) file.  

EOM libraries are retained for 6 months. GL Trans History and Check Register is retained 24 months. Credit report detail is retained for 60 days, or for the life of the loan, while Credit Report Summary Data is retained for 6 months. Member statements are currently retained for 18 months online.

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of all member or transaction data available in the core. Examples of other data include loan application records, OTB account records, etc.

On occasion we have made special arrangements for clients who wish to retain additional history online.  Contact the Asterisk Intelligence Team ( if you would like a price quote for a change to your history retention settings.