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  • 1. What are the layers of authority for a Database Administrator who manages a Data Warehouse? Public
    The following is a summary of the authority control layers every database administrator should be aware of when managing access to data tables and the raw information they hold. Warehouse authority – blanket of permissions and prerequisite to all other layers of authority. These permissions are applied per Library based on User ID for individual warehouses. Table authority – precision for just one table but generally remains consistent across tables within any one warehouse. These   More...
  • 2. What do I need to know about the 2021 tracker automated purges starting March 1? How can I get a data warehouse to archive my tracker data? Public
    The Asterisk Intelligence team has provided a helpful PDF explaining what is happening and how to sign up for a data warehouse before March 1st. View the information first, and vist the CU*Answers Store to sign up for a data warehouse !
  • 3. How can I tell if my credit union is utilizing a Data Warehouse? Public
    To find out if your credit union is currently using a Data Warehouse, you can try any of the methods explained below. Method 1: Ask the Asterisk Intelligence Team Contact the AI team at ai@cuanswers.com and we'll be happy to tell you if your credit union has been set up for a data warehouse. Method 2: Library Dashboard Tool Use Tool #1980 Library Dashboard and see if the 'Library' lookup has the DW code (for data warehouse) available in this list. If present, then yes, you do have   More...
  • 4. How can I track my available storage space in the Data Warehouse? Public
    We do not cap your available space so we can not calculate a value for percent of available space remaining. Data storage is billed at $10 per gigabyte, but there is no configured maximum value. You will not experience any messages or restrictions saying you need to purchase more space when you reach a point of requiring another gigabyte of space. Instead your table(s) would be saved, your storage space utilized would increase, and your bill would increase if warranted. A live measurement of y  More...
  • 5. Is there data in the system that shows whether a card is enrolled in a Digital Wallet (such as Apple or Google Pay)? Public
    Digital wallet enrollment and maintenance data is not sent to the system from card vendors. Contact your card vendor to determine if they store (and could give you access to) this information. Tip: If your card vendor can provide a list with identifiers and you have an Asterisk Intelligence Data Warehouse, you may be able to save this data to your warehouse to query/analyze alongside core data. (Examples of identifiers could be last 4 of card, Last 4 of SSN, etc.)
  • 6. I was reviewing Trackers and got this message on one of the Tracker types I selected: "Conversations under this tracker have already been archived per your config." What does this mean? Public
    This is related to how tracker purges are done for credit unions who have their own data warehouse. For these CUs, older Trackers conversations can be archived to the data warehouse before they are purged from CU*BASE. However, we need to retain what is referred to as the Tracker header for those Tracker types, even if there aren't any recent conversations under it (i.e., an TKLRHC record but no TKLRHN or TKLRDN records attached to it). Here's why: If additional conversation notes ar  More...
  • 7. Is there any way to track when members use the Quicken download? Public
    Start by reviewing Tool #1100 Online Banking Optics: Lite . On the entry screen look for the total number of members in the Downloaded Transaction Details line to see the total number of members who have performed a download of any time, including .csv downloads. From there, click Analysis to view the total breakdown of actual downloads. In the upper right quadrant, the downloads are broken out by download type. To find the total number of Quicken downloads, refer to the numbers next to .q  More...