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  • 1. How long will CU*Answers maintain the custom files my credit union creates using Query?
    A monthly purge will be performed for any files* located in the QUERYXX library where it has been more than 95 days since the file was created or updated. This helps us maintain a clean working environment and manage disk usage for everyone on the system. If you need this data longer than 95 days we recommend you download them to your PC and archive them on DVD or other media, according to your credit union's data security policies. *This excludes standard system files that are used by C  More...
  • 2. What data archiving options does CU*BASE offer?
    CU*BASE provides clients a variety of solutions. For ASP clients, all CU*BASE reports are provided online for 90 days and member statements are provided online for 18 months. Each month, select reports and applicable member statements will be archived to CD-ROM or DVD. This archived media is delivered to the client for future retrieval and retention purposes. All viewing sortware for viewing CD-ROM data is included as a part of the delivered media. CU*BASE clients processing in-house may optio  More...
  • 3. If an in-house data archival environment is utilized, how does a branch retrieve optical disk information?
    With an in-house system, optical media used is in the form of CD or DVD. These are typically only accessed in the case of disaster recovery. Active access to information is done directly from the in-house server.
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