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  • 1. Why does CU*Answers charge a monthly fee for running service charge programs we configure ourselves in CU*BASE?
    There are two primary reasons we charge this fee: Our belief that we should do our best to keep our fees down when credit unions do not earn. This is why, for example, It's Me 247 Mobile Web is offered free to our credit unions. It's also behind our constant pressure to reduce fees where CUs have no basis or belief they can charge for a defensive, relationship service. Charging for these services in this manner fund other areas where the direct expenses cannot easily be identified wi  More...
  • 2. How may a credit union "track" a project request status?
    By using the Monitor Tracking system. Monitor is a shared project management tool that gives everyone involved in developing software tools a centralized list to help all team members understand where projects stand at any time. Monitor is a web site designed to encourage candid conversations between credit unions and CU*Answers product development teams as to the current status of any project assigned for their credit union. You can access the data base through the NET Button on CU*BASE.
  • 3. Are there opportunities for CU*Answers clients to share ideas with other clients?
    Absolutely! As a credit-union owned CUSO, CU*Answers promotes an open dialogue with its clients and actively searches for new ways for clients to communicate as peers. A few of these strategies include: CU*BASE Peer Analysis Guide - a document developed annually to review select CU*BASE client information and products they are using. This information is very useful for contacting other CU*BASE clients to determine how specific products were implemented, staff training philosophy, product succes  More...
  • 4. What is 'Monitor' and how do I get access?
    Monitor is a shared project management tool on the web that gives everyone involved in developing software a centralized list to help team members understand where projects stand at any given time. By keeping our software projects open to our clients, CU*Answers is another instance where our cooperative spirit with our clients is demonstrated. You can get access to the Monitor at www.monitor.cuanswers.com .
  • 5. Are there other methods besides multi-corp processing for credit unions to manage multiple institutions?
    Yes. One other method is to retain completely separate databases for each institution, but allow staff a centralized access point to move in and out of each credit union database to perform needed tasks. For example, CU*Answers and Xtend have been able to create great operational efficiencies using this configuration method. Visit www.cuanswers.com and www.xtendcu.org to learn more about how this method is used for shared bookkeeping, member communications, web hosting, and many other funct  More...
  • 6. How will AnswerBook keep my staff up to speed?
    At the heart of the AnswerBook is a knowledge base. A knowledge base is a central place where you can digitally store information for easy retrieval at a later time. Your AnswerBook's knowledge base contains questions and answers and topics and articles. This knowledge base is comprised of public knowledge items for external access and private knowledge items for internal, or staff, consumption. Utilizing user-friendly tools, information is easily added to the knowledge base by your member-  More...
  • 7. What is the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web?
    Many people use the terms Internet and World Wide Web (a.k.a. the Web ) interchangeably, but in fact the two terms are not synonymous. The Internet and the Web are two separate but related things. The Internet is a massive network of networks, a networking infrastructure. It connects millions of computers together globally, forming a network in which any computer can communicate with any other computer as long as they are both connected to the Internet. Information that travels over the Internet  More...
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