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  • 1. How do I remove old Topaz Signature Pad Driver files no longer needed?
    Unwanted Topaz Systems Driver files may be located in a few different locations depending upon which version of windows you have. You will likely need to be logged on as a local administrator to remove them. They can exist on any workstation running ProDOC regardless of whether or not a signature pad is attached. For Windows 7 or 8 The current version in use should be located here: C:\Windows\SigPlus\SigPlus.ocx and should not be removed. Before you begin make sure this is version o  More...
  • 2. How do I know which version of the Topaz signature pad drivers are installed on my PC?
    1) Go into the Windows control panel and select “Programs and Features” Verify that one of these conditions is TRUE: Your system contains the highlighted line in the image below showing the correct version number of Your system contains the highlighted line with any version PLUS the line showing Topaz SigPlus Upgrade published by eDOC Innovations Inc. 2) If you are not on the ccorrect version and need to upgrade go to updates.cubase.org and run the Topaz driver inst  More...
  • 3. How do you configure a Topaz Signature Pad with a magnetic stripe reader and a serial connection?
    1. Make sure the pad is connected to a known working PC, not a laptop. 2. Connect the pad using a Y adaptor. This Y adaptor should have a serial connection on one end and both a serial and PS/2 connection on the other. Connect the single Serial end to the Pad and the other serial connection to the computer. Next connect the PS/2 connection to a free PS/2 port on the computer. This is required to supply the pad with the necessary power. If there is a conflict with port availability adapters are a  More...
  • 4. I heard there are vulnerabilities with old Topaz signature pad drivers. What are they?
    More information about vulnerabilities with the Topaz drivers can be found here: CVE: http://osvdb.org/show/osvdb/66810 XREF: https://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail?vulnId=CVE-2010-2931
  • 5. How do I test a topaz signature pad in a Windows environment?
    First, verify that the SigPlusBasic software is installed on your workstation. If it is there should be a Program Files\SigPlus folder. If there isn't, install it through the installation disk that came with the signature pad. Once it is installed, follow these steps: 1. Verify that the signature pad is connected to the computer. 2. Locate the Demo.ocx program and run it. Depending on how the SigPlusBasic software was installed it, there may be a shortcut on your desktop otherwise the Demo.o  More...
  • 6. After updating to ProDOC 7, I am receiving a "USB error" when ProDOC starts up.
    When starting ProDOC 7 for the first time, some users may encounter an error that states USB Error: Unable to initialize signature pad. What this indicates is that your workstation is missing a critical file that allows ProDOC to look for a signature pad. This file needs to exist even if your workstation does not utilize a signature pad. To correct the issue, follow these steps: Log into the workstation as an administrator Browse to your iSweep (if you need assistance browsing to your iSweep  More...
  • 7. Signatures aren't displaying properly (or are being partially cut off) on my Topaz signature pad. How do I calibrate my signature pad?
    Follow this link for a step-by-step guide to field calibrating your signature pad: http://www.topazsystems.com/Software/download/calibrationintructions.pdf . Although a 4 x5 signature tablet is shown in the guide's pictures, these steps will be the same for any Topaz signature pad with the following exception: If you're using a wireless signature pad, you can ignore the part about plugging the pad into the computer. However, you will need to make sure the unit is powered on (the green LED light  More...
  • 8. What do I do if I think my signature pad is failing?
    Basic initial troubleshooting: Move the signature pad to a different USB port Move the pad to a different workstation that has a working model If the workstation isn’t capturing the signature, but it is visible on the pad, try refreshing the SigPlus.ini file (see Related Link below). If nothing is captured on the pad, remove the batteries and the tip from the pen. Place the batteries back in, then gently slide the tip back in. Often the pen tip will not make the connection needed to star  More...
  • 9. How do I set the COM Port for a topaz signature pad in ProDOC?
    To set the COM Port of a signature pad in ProDOC, you can either go through the interface (preferred) via: Right click on the ProDOC icon in the system tray click on Setup. On the General tab select the port from the Use Signature Pad Connected To: drop down. OR directly through the .ini file by: Opening the prodoc.ini file located in the program files\doclogic\ProDOC\prodoc.ini Find the line that reads: Pad=x and change it to read Pad=(COM port) For example if your pad is on COM2 then you wo  More...
  • 10. What do I do if my Topaz ClipGem pad distorts the signature as the pad is being signed?
    This can indicate a defective ClipGem signature pad. Contact Client Services to verify whether or not your pad is defective. If the pad is defective, Client Services can assist you to obtain a replacement.
  • 11. I'm using ProDOC forms with a Topaz ClipGem signature pad and I'm getting straight or jumbled lines mixed in the signature what's causing this?
    This can be caused by settings or perhaps faulty hardware. Try the below to see if it fixes the issue. Plug the clip gem pad into a different USB port and test several signature captures. If this doesn't work, i t is most likely hardware related and a pad replacement or Powered USB hub may be required contact Client Services.
  • 12. How do I test a signature pad pen?
    To test the pen independently, you can use any standard compact battery-operated or plug-in AM/FM radio. Follow these steps: a. Turn radio on to the AM band b. Move dial to about 550 (or 55, depending on radio controls); between stations is best, where there is static d. Bring the pen up to the radio, and depress the tip directly on radio's surface, about 1 to 2 inches from antenna (if there is no antenna, on the speaker grill will work also). If pen is working, the radio will emit a high-pit  More...
  • 13. What Topaz driver do I need to install for a Link Sign wireless signature pad unit?
    The SigLite 1x5 (T-S460 or T-S461) is the correct driver pad to select during the installation process.
  • 14. I'm using ProDOC forms with a Topaz ClipGem signature pad and when the member signs it looks like just a line.
    This is normal. The loan form itself will stretch out the signature in the box so the final copy is readable.
  • 15. I have a Topaz serial connection signature pad and I cannot get it to display a signature within ProDoc. How can I correct this?
    In the ProDoc.ini file, make sure that this entry is set to TopazPad=1 .
  • 16. Sometimes when I bring up ProDoc I get the error message "floating point division by 0" what should I do?
    Step 1: Locate the prodoc.ini file. It is usually located in C:\Program Files\Doclogic\ProDoc DoubleClick My Computer DoubleClick C: (usually labeled Local Disk ) DoubleClick Program Files (you might need to click Show these files ) DoubleClick Doclogic DoubleClick ProDoc Step 2: Edit the prodoc.ini file RightClick the prodoc.ini file and select Edit Find the line that reads [Topaz] and look below it Find the line that reads JustifyMode = 5 Change this line to JustifyMode = 0 S  More...
  • 17. I just installed ProDOC but when I launch it, I don't get a login screen. What do I do?
    Verify the following: 1. Can the PC connect to the network? If it cannot, this is likely the problem correct the network issue. 2. Are the Topaz drivers installed? If not, install them. 3. If the Topaz drivers are installed and there is no pad, ensure that the Prodoc.ini has the line 'Pad=#' set to 0. If not set it to 0. 4. If none of these correct the issue contact technical support.
  • 18. I just purchased a LinkGem Gemini P6B wireless cannister, what steps do I take to install it?
    Remember to use the SigLiteLCD 1x5 settings on the SigPlus installer and the baud rate in the sigplus.ini file must be set to 19.2k 1.0 Put the 4th battery in to make the units ready to use. 2.0 Push the red button near the battery charging connector to start the units. 3.0 Touch the touch panel to restart tablet if it is within 1 minute of pushing the red button. This will also reactivate the backlite too. 4.0 Take signatures.
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