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  • 1. How does card maintenace work on the MAP VISA DPS switch on the new platform? What can be done on CU*BASE and what is done at the vendor?
    Visa DPS MAP and CUBase card maintenance roles CUBASE: All NEW card and pin orders are handled through CUBASE. CUNW sends the AP maintenance file each night to Visa DPS. The card and pin are then processed and sent to Personix for creation. Hotcarding is also done on CUBASE. A new card – to replace the hotcarded one– is ordered from CUBase. All subsequent address and social security number and phone number updates for cards are also sent through the AP File. MAP/Visa DPS: A  More...
  • 2. What if our credit union wants to implement a third party solution?
    In many cases, an existing CU*Answers client may have previously partnered with a select vendor solution. CU*Answers will be able to answer those types of questions for clients. Additionally, CU*Answers provides a complete Project Management strategy for working with clients to implement possible solutions.
  • 3. What does "ALM" stand for?
    Asset Liability Management. This is an accounting tool generally provided by third party vendors to help credit unions manage their income spread through rate and maturity management for certificates and loans.
  • 4. Does CU*Answers provide Credit Card processing services?
    Yes, through an integrated inhouse Credit Card system incorporated within CU*BASE. And it is included as a part of the standard CU*BASE system, with no up front investment required! Using this tool, CU*BASE clients will be able to bring the servicing of credit cards back internally to your credit union versus paying third party vendors significant monthly fees. CU*BASE clients will have many benefits including the capability to design their own credit card promotional programs, variable ca  More...
  • 5. What can I expect when CU*Answers performs the pre-site visit?
    The Preliminary Site visit, or "pre-site," is a chance for the Conversion Team to meet with your management team to discuss your upcoming conversion to CU*BASE. We will review your current operating procedures as it relates to your data processor. All share, certificate, and loan products will also be discussed. This ensures that your existing products are converted correctly. Other topics of conversion include third-party vendors and how they relate to the data processing change and training o  More...
  • 6. For which ALM vendors does CU*BASE have an interface?
    The ALM packages currently supported by CU*BASE downloads are CUPRO by CUNA Mutual Group, PROFITStar, Model Management, CU/ALM-Ware.
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