GUAPPLE is short for "GOLD Update Appliance." The GUAPPLE is a stand-alone network appliance that takes the place of the GOLD-Master update server PC. It is designed to seamlessly handle all of your GOLD software update retrieval tasks.
No effort is required to retrieve software updates when using a GUAPPLE device. It will acquire GOLD update files automatically as well as custom loan screen updates, doing away with manually downloading and extracting software update files. 
One GUAPPLE unit must be placed at each office location, just as would a GOLD-Master update server. The device is secure from viruses, spyware, and other attacks that would ordinarily affect Windows platform PCs on your network. The low monthly maintenance fee covers configuration, software maintenance, monitoring, remote management, and hardware replacement in the event of a failure.
To order your GUAPPLE appliance, please contact Network Services.