These symbols print when the printer doesn't know what graphic or font to use for the logo, signature, or MICR line.  There are a few possible causes:

Is this a new printer?
If this is a new printer, the first thing to consider is whether the other printers at the credit union use Check Secure devices.  Check Secure devices are no longer sold and are not compatible with new printer hardware.  To transition from Check Secure devices to the new software based check printing methods, contact CU*Answers Network Services.

If that has already been done, ensure that the bank codes are configured properly for the printer ID via Tool #326 "CU Hardware Configuration" (more details below).

Does the credit union use Check Secure devices?
Click here to learn more about Check Secure devices.

The role of the Check-Secure Card is to load fonts into the memory of your laser check printer. The characters you are seeing indicates that the fonts in the Check-Secure device need to be reloaded into the memory of the printer. The card may have been removed and stored in a secure place, or there may have been a problem with the power, cabling, or the printer itself.
Re-insert the card or, if the card is already in place, look on the back of the Check-Secure device for a small black pin; this is a reset button.  Press the button. All lights on the Check Secure device will go solid for a moment.  The printer will then either print out a font page, blink, or display "Processing" depending on the model that you have. 
The fonts are now reloaded.  Re-print the check.

The credit union does not use Check Secure devices.

If the credit union does not use Check Secure devices, the issue likely lies with one of two things:
  1. Ensure the printer ID has the correct bank codes in CU*BASE:
    1. Launch Tool #326 "CU Hardware Configuration"
    2. Select "Printers"
    3. Select the ID of this check printer
    4. Ensure that the correct bank codes are being used for the "Money Order Bank ID" and "Check Bank ID" fields
    5. You can place a "?" in the field and press "Enter" to see available choices
    6. Leave the "User-Defined Checks Bank ID" field blank
  2. If that field is filled correctly, clear the memory on the printer:
    1. Power off the physical printer
    2. Remove the power cord for a full 60 seconds
    3. Plug the cord back in and power the printer back on
  3. If the issue persists, contact CU*Answers support staff to verify the bank codes are configured correctly