The Social Security Administration uses several company IDs for its ACH transactions.  Previously two recommendations were made to handle the changing Company IDs, namely to create records for all possible Company IDs with duplicate distribution records or to transfer the distributions with the Automated Funds Transfers (AFT) system. With the 16.10 release a process was implemented that will no longer require either of these complicated solutions.  Going forward only one Company ID will need to be maintained with only one set of distribution records.  Read more below for how this process works.

With the 16.10 release a new cross-reference system was implemented that automatically funnels all incoming company IDs from the Social Security Administration and treat them as if they came from one, consistent company ID we’re referring to as the “Primary ID.” 

All ACH transactions coming in under another Company IDs previously used by the Social Security Administration are converted by the system to this primary record.  The primary record will be the only one available for maintaining distribution listings for future payments; all other Company IDs previously used by the Social Security Administration will be purged and will no longer display. 

The primary Company ID will appear on the Exceptions and Maintenance screens. However, the incoming Company ID will be retained by the system for use with returns or NOCs and you will be able to see information on both numbers in the NOC and return entry screens.  The Automated Clearing House (PACXTB) report will also show both the initial and primary ID.
  • Refer to the linked to Answer Book items for more information about this feature.
This change was implemented with the 16.10 release that was implemented to online clients on October 23, 2016.
  • NOTE:  If you see a Social Security Administration (SSA) ACH deposit that is not working as expected, contact the Client Services team as we may need to update our cross-reference to accommodate a new depositor ID.