With the 16.10 release we have developed a new cross-reference system that will automatically funnel all incoming company IDs from the Social Security Administration and treat them as if they came from one, consistent company ID we’re referring to as the “Primary ID.” 
  • Refer to the linked to Answer Book items for more information about this feature.
At implementation of the release two reports were placed in your credit union’s HOLDxx OUTQ.  The first, CNV40003, lists all of the ACH distribution records for your credit union with an indication of whether they were deleted or “changed” (meaning used to populate the primary company ID record).  This is a large report but can be used as a reference to review or see what was in your files prior to the release.

The second report, CNV40003B, lists all of the transactions from your credit union’s ACH warehouse at the time of conversion that were translated to the new primary company ID.  This can be used to review any transactions that were already received and waiting to be posted.

This change was implemented with the 16.10 release that was implemented to online clients on October 23, 2016.
  • NOTE:  If you see a Social Security Administration (SSA) ACH deposit that is not working as expected, contact the Client Services team as we may need to update our cross-reference to accommodate a new depositor ID.