When it comes to ACH originators who change company IDs, we provide our credit unions with a daily report that highlights any new company IDs that are present. This is the "NEW ACH COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTS" (PACHD3) report. It is available for you to review in CU*Spy each day for any prior day's activity and present within your DAILYxx output queue for you to review for current day activity (each day all reports are generated to the DAILYxx OUTQ and then routed to CU*Spy for archival each evening…). Please note that there will be a PACHD3 report for each time ACH is posted.

If a new company appears on this report and the ACH has come into the warehouse prior to posting to members, you can easily use the Copy/Merge Distribution option in Tool # 989 Work with ACH Members/Companies in CU*BASE. This will take any distributions associated with the legacy company ID and copy them to the new company ID. In the event that the ACH does not come into the warehouse prior to posting (i.e., if ACH is received on the same day it posts…and ACH has already posted for that day…) distributions for that payroll must be transferred manually.  However, it is still important to choose the Copy/Merge option to ensure that distributions are copied/merged for the next time that ACH payroll is received. 

Please keep in mind that and SSA (Social Security Administration) deposits use several company IDs. CU*BASE has a cross-reference system in place that automatically funnels all incoming company IDs from the SSA that treats them as if they came from a single company ID. Therefore, the Copy/Merge option should never need to be used with SSA deposits.