Starting with the 16.10 release, you can schedule recurring outgoing Automated Funds Transfers to accounts that are configured with the CU*BASE “Off Trial Balance” OTB feature.  
  • Refer to the linked to Answer Book items for more information about this feature.
Activation of the “Direct Payments via AFT” feature each OTB product configuration is required.  Refer to the booklet below for more information on activation.  Activation is by product so you can activate it for one product and not for another. Refer to the topic for the OTB loan product configuration below.  (However, you may configure this for credit card and savings products as well.)

While on the first screen used to schedule an AFT, enter the account number and use Enter to reveal a conditional button that allow you to set up outgoing AFTs.  Members can use the Transfer Wizard to schedule transfers with “Off Trial Balance” accounts as well. 
  • Refer to the topic below to learn more about revealing these buttons. 
  • Refer to the booklet below for more information about setting up these AFTs in CU*BASE and It’s Me 247.
This change was implemented with the 16.10 release that was implemented to online clients on October 23, 2016.