Here are a few helpful tips that may help you if a terminal or a printer session stops working. All of these fixes can be handled right at your office using Tool #762 "Reset User Password/Device."


When a terminal is not working or is locked up, authorized branch personnel may follow these simple procedures. Your printer and terminal sessions should reset and you’ll be right back to business.



1.     Launch Tool #762 “Reset User Password / Device.”

2.      Insert the failed terminal ID into the device name field. For CU*BASE GOLD, the device name will end in G0, G1, etc.


That works well for regular sessions, but what about printers? If your printer session shows the status to be disconnected in the lower left-hand corner of the session window, exit or close the session.



  1. Go to your CU*BASE GOLD session and click on the Time-Out icon at the top of the toolbar.
  2. Select, “Work with Writers.”
  3. Select the printer ID from the list.
  4. Highlight the printer in the printer status box.
  5. Click the “End” option below the printer status box.
  6. After waiting a few seconds, click the “Refresh” button from the bottom row of buttons.  You may have to click this several times until the printer says “Stopped.”
  7. Highlight the printer in the printer status box again and click “Start.”
If these steps do not release the documents from your printers Outque, call Network Services at extension 266 and we will be happy to assist you.