At the time an email address is being recorded on a member's account, either in CU*BASE or via Online Banking, e-statement enrollment, bill payment enrollment, etc., the system will check the address entered and provide error messages if the following rules are not followed:
  • Do not allow a period or @ in position 1 of the email address
  • The last character in the address must be a letter (a-z or A-Z)
  • Do not allow two periods in a row
  • Do not allow two @ symbols within the address
  • Must have a period somewhere after the @ symbol but not immediately next to it
  • Address must not end with a period
  • No embedded spaces are allowed after the email address
These same rules are followed on various configuration screens where your credit union's own email address is entered for use by your members.
NOTE: The system does not actually try sending an email to the address to verify it.

Use the related link below to learn more about how CU*BASE handles wrong email addresses when emails are sent via CU*BASE (such as those sent through Member Reach or as e-Alerts or e-Statement reminders).