These days, electronic communication is becoming more and more vital to your relationship with your members. Start by verifying your credit union's "From:" email addresses are set up properly. You can use a DNS tool to verify your domain, learn more in this Knowledge Base item. This is where bounced-back emails are delivered, one for loan status change emails (configured as part of your Underwriting Codes and generated by items in your lending queue) and all other general emails that CU*BASE sends from your credit union.

If you do receive a bounce-back email from something you personally send, make sure to also delete or change the address, or at least check the Wrong email address flag in CU*BASE using Tool #15 Update Membership Info (shortcut: umbr). 

  • To look up which member belongs to a specific email address, use Tool #483 Look Up an Email Address (shortcut: email).  This is a Query that lets you type in the email address and it will show which account base(s) match.
  • Use Member Connect to contact members with wrong addresses and get their updated e-mail address!  Send an online banking message using CU*BASE. To learn how, check out the Member Connect booklet referenced below.