What This Message Means:

This appears when  the member has tried 3 times to enter their password incorrectly.  The message does instruct the member to click "I forgot my password" and answer all three Security Questions to reset the password themselves.  But if the member doesn't know their password or their security questions, they will need to contact the CU.

BE CAREFUL:  This is a scenario that presents the most risk to your members.  If a bad guy finds out a member's name, account number, and SSN, they might try calling the CU pretending to be the member and asking for both the password and security questions to be reset.  Then they can log in, change the password themselves and might even get into bill pay and start sending themselves money (this has actually happened).  So if the member cannot remember anything, for the member's own protection, most CUs will require they come to a branch office with proof of ID and get everything reset by an employee. 

What Steps to Take in CU*BASE:

See the link below for step-by-step instructions. BE CAREFUL!! Always verify the person's identity CAREFULLY according to your CU policies. Remember that credit unions have lost money on scams where someone tries to get you to reset the password for someone else's accounts!