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  • 1. What is the number for Mobile Text Banking? Public
    The number for Mobile Text Banking is IM247 (46247) . This short code will work only if your members have enrolled in Text Banking. Our Mobile Text Banking online booklet offers information to satisfy a large number of potential questions, and we recommend consulting it as needed.
  • 2. What regulatory requirements do I need to be aware of as I promote text banking to members, even if I offer it for free? Public
    Some states require that in addition to any text banking fees you must state that message and data rates apply. This requirement applies even if you offer it as a free service. (Different states require additional language. Follow your credit union policies and procedures.) You can enter this text in the Mobile Text Introduction screen accessed when configuring your text banking service. Use Tool #569 Online/Mobile/Text Banking VMS Config , select Text Banking from the list, and check I w  More...
  • 3. What commands are available in text banking? Public
    Keywords are not case sensitive. For example, you can type either help or HELP or even Help and you'll get the same result. BAL Reponses to BAL include the available balance on three savings accounts/and or checking accounts. Member Text: BAL Text Response: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:$-9,999,999.99, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:$-9,999,999.99, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:$-9,999,999.99. Reply HELP for help. Msg Data Rates May Apply. If multiple memberships are enrolled with the same phone, the response will ask you to specif  More...
  • 4. If CU*BASE is offline for some reason like system maintenance, and a member uses text banking to request a balance, will they be charged for that text message even though the system couldn't respond? Public
    Since the system will be unable to respond with a balance, it will also be unable to log the text message against the member's account number, which means it cannot be included when fees are tallied. So although the member may still be charged by their mobile phone provider for text messages they send, they will not be charged the usual text message fees by the credit union via CU*BASE (nor with the credit union be charged for that item).
  • 5. In order to meet program requirements, we need to put a TurboTax banner in our online banking login page. Any suggestions? Public
    Since your credit union's website can be the online banking login page, by putting either a budget or the direct login widget on the page, we suggest you place the TurboTax banner on your credit union's website. Since the OBC is a shared resource, we do not have the ability to add custom banners on the OBC. (Xtend does do custom Member Reach messages on the OBC page, but that would only allow for text, no images.) Likewise, because It's Me 247 online banking is a shared resource,   More...
  • 6. Credit unions can require that changes made by members in the Personal Information page in online banking be approved before they are updated in the system. How does that work? Public
    Members can update personal information on the Personal Information page. As a security measure, credit unions can elect that these changes require their review before changes are accepted and changed in the system. This approval setup is activated on the Update Credit Union Online Banking Settings page accessed via Tool # 569: Online/Mobile Text Banking VMS Config and then Online/Mobile Web Online Banking. On this screen, the credit union can select to either have the changes reviewed or re  More...
  • 7. I've never used Transfer Control in Online Banking before. How do I get started? Public
    Transfer Control means that a member must tell you the account numbers where he or she would like to be able to transfer funds in Online Banking. (Audio Banking does not support Transfer Control lists.) Remember that these are accounts that will receive funds from the member's own account. If only transfer control lists are activated, a member will only choose from a drop-down list of names (not account numbers) from his configured transfer control list. You will need to decide how membe  More...
  • 8. I am opening a membership and see checkboxes to select when adding contact numbers. What do each of these flags mean? Public
    The flags used with member contact numbers are used as follows: International : Check this box to indicate an international number, and enter the number in the comment field. Text Messages : Check this box to indicate this number can receive text messages, but note that this number does not enroll the member in text banking, nor does this number transfer to the member's text banking settings. Wrong # : Check this box to indicate an incorrect number for a member. Mobile : Check this box to   More...
  • 9. What does it mean when I see PAHTC750 in the Reference column of a Tracker Entry? Public
    This means the Tracker Entry was generated by the online banking A2A transfer program to record changes made by the member to a recurring A2A (A2AFT) record via online/mobile banking. These Audit Trackers are attached to the account suffix where the funds are being withdrawn (for an outgoing A2A) or deposited (for an incoming A2A). The memo type used on these conversation notes is specified as part of your credit union's A2A Transfers configuration settings via Tool #569: Online/Mobile/Tex  More...
  • 10. What is the member experience for multi-factor authentication for first-time login to "It's Me 247?" How do you activate this in CU*BASE? Public
    It's Me 247 supports MFA for first-time login. The steps the member sees are outlined in the MFA section of the Strategies for Securing and Controlling Member Access booklet linked to below. ( Other MFA options for security of higher-risk activities are also covered in this section of the booklet.) Activate this MFA for first-time login by selecting Method B on the Online/Mobile Password and Security Settings screen, accessed from Tool #569 Online/Mobile/Text Banking VMS Config .
  • 11. Why is there more than one type of Mobile Banking offering? Public
    Because members have different types of mobile devices! One size does not fit all, so we started with a Mobile Web Banking, a tool that simply optimizes basic It's Me 247 online banking functions for web-enabled mobile devices (like an iPhone). Mobile App Banking will be a downloadable app for devices that can, well, download apps. And It's Me 247 Text Banking will appeal to those with fast thumbs.