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  • Does CU*Answers use call tracking and management software?
  • Why should we use the AnswerBook's personal finance knowledge packs and calculators?
  • What are the AnswerBook's knowledge packs?
  • What are the benefits of AnswerBook?
  • How will AnswerBook reduce my email/phone inquiries and improve the usability of my web site?
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Questions about this CUSO and the service and products it offers its credit union partners.
  • What are the directions to CU*Answers from the Gerald R. Ford International Airport?
  • Who is Xtend?
  • How do I get CU*Answers' SAS 70 report?
  • Who processes member statements for CU*Answers credit unions?
  • What are the network routing requirements for CU*BASE GOLD?
  • What are the DNS requirements for CU*BASE GOLD?
  • What strategies for Disaster Recovery does CU*BASE incorporate?
  • How does a credit union get a copy of the Disaster Recovery documentation on CD?
  • Can CU*Answers help us with our Disaster Recovery planning?
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Topics about hardware, communications, networks, and software
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Hotels, Travel, Attractions, Restaurants
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Topics surrounding this CUSO's structure and product offerings.
  • What is a CUSO?
  • What is the relationship between Xtend and CU*Answers?
  • Who is Xtend?
  • Who are the owners of Xtend?
  • How long has Xtend been in business?