With the 16.10 release a new cross-reference system was implemented that automatically funnels all incoming company IDs from the Social Security Administration and treat them as if they came from one, consistent company ID we’re referring to as the “Primary ID.”  In cases where the Depositor ID is the same, for example a husband and wife, these ACH transactions will be handled by the same master ACH distribution record under the Depositor ID since duplicate Depositor IDs are not allowed by credit union. 

If the husband and wife (continuing with this example) wish to have separate deposits, one solution is for one of the members to request the SSA to direct their incoming base deposit to a different sub-account.  In this example, the wife could have her deposit made to the checking account while the husband could have his made to the savings account.

NOTE:  If you'd like to get proactive and locate potential situations like this in your ACH distribution records, contact a CSR for a copy of a Query we have developed that helps locate multiple ACH items being directed to the same depositor ID. 

This change was implemented with the 16.10 release that was implemented to online clients on October 23, 2016.
  • NOTE:  If you see a Social Security Administration (SSA) ACH deposit that is not working as expected, contact the Client Services team as we may need to update our cross-reference to accommodate a new depositor ID.