The following services and transactions can be denied with a denial of service block list or transaction attribute block list.  All lists are accessed from Tool #892 Update Fraud Alert/Blocked Persons List.  

Denial of Service Block Lists
  • Bill Pay enrollment (all vendors)
  • P2P (Person to Person) enrollment (all vendors)
  • Outgoing wire transfers (performing a wire transfer)
  • Incoming wire transfers (performing a wire transfer)
  • Online/mobile banking (enrollment)
  • Lending (creating a loan application or opening a loan online)
  • Membership (opening a new membership)
  • Plastic orders (new and reorders) 

Transaction Attribute Block Lists
  • Pay to name (being the “pay to” line when disbursing a teller check or money order, teller/phone check or money order, loan disbursement check, making an outgoing wire, creating an Accounts Payable Quick check and Miscellaneous CU check).
  • Country (outgoing wires)