You can add an entry to the new membership fraud block list as an individual or organization.  This fraud block list is different than other service denial lists in that it allows you to enter a name on the list without a Social Security Number.  See more about the rules for adding a name to the new membership list in the other topic linked to this Answer Book item.
  • This fraud block list is designed as a supplement to the “Deny Membership” check box available on the non-member record.
  • A person or organization can also be added to the new membership block list when a loan is written off or a loan or share draft is charged off by checking “Add member to blocked person’s list.”
The membership block list scan can be run manually while a change is made to a member or non-member record by clicking (variously named) block scan buttons.
  • Creating a new membership via Tool #3 Open/Maintain Membership/Accounts.
  • Creating a non-member record via Tool #997 Work with Non-Member Database.
  • Creating a pre-membership loan. 
  • Opening an online membership via Tool #13 Work Online Banking Apps/Requests.
    • Additionally any MOP requests will run past this list, and all "hits" will become a membership application.
  • Adding a member or non-member as a secondary name to an account.
Your credit union can set your Membership Workflow Controls so that names are scanned against the block list automatically during all of these processes. The one exception is the pre-membership lending, since then it is run regardless of the setting.
When the new membership fraud block scan is run, the employee is presented a window alerting them if “no match was found” or if “a suspected match was found.” 

If a suspected match was found, is it recommended that the employee follow credit union policies and procedures.  From the “Suspected match was found” window, the employee has the following options: to view the membership block list for any notes you may have added, to back up and enter a new name, to create a denial form, or to override the warning.

All fraud block lists are accessed from Tool #892 Update Fraud Alert/Blocked Persons List.