When making an entry on a transaction fraud block list, it is recommended to enter the name in various formats to supply a match to the attribute (such as pay to name) provided.
A match of any of the words in the Pay To entry, creates a match.  The word has to be the whole word and not a part of a word.  It is not recommended that you use words such as Company or Inc. in the name since all entries with those words would then be flagged.
When making the check or disbursement, if you have a pay to name with a common word, as mentioned above, first enter the Pay to name without the common word to see if there is a match.  Then back up to enter if it is needed.
Below are examples of entries.

Examples (Individuals)
Database Entry Actual Member Name  
First name Last name First name Last name Warning?
Tom Members Thomas Members Yes
    T Members Yes
    T Memberson No
    Tom Memberson No
    Tony Member Yes
    Freddie Member No
T Sam Tanya Sam Yes
    T Samster No
    J T Sam No
Examples (Organizations)
Database Entry Actual Member Name  
Name Name Warning?
Joe Smith Company Inc. J Smith Company Yes
  John Smith Company Yes
  Joe Smith Company Yes
  Paul Inc. Yes
  Company Yes
  Joe Incorporated
Note: Words like Inc., Incorporated, Company, and LLC are not recommended.  See note above.
Thomas Builder Supply Thomas BuilderSupply No
  Thomas Yes
  Thomas Builder Supply (entered in DBA field) No
  Thomas Builder Yes
  Thomas Builder Supply Yes
J A Nanny JA Nanny No
  J. A. Nanny No
  J A Nannys No
  J A Nanny Yes