If a person or organization is added to lending denial of service block list, an employee cannot open a loan under any membership owned by that SSN/TIN. They will see messaging that the “SSN/TIN appears on block list” directly after selecting the membership when attempting to create a loan application for that SSN/TIN in CU*BASE.

Additionally, for online loan applications, the loan officer will see messaging “On Fraud Block List” when working an incoming loan application using Tool #2 Work with Loan Request or Tool #53 Process Loan Applications, then “Work with Existing Loan Request.”  Additionally, they will receive the messaging ‘SSN/TIN appears on block list’ when trying to create the loan.

If a membership is added to the lending denial of service block list, they will be able to apply for a loan online or via an indirect channel, but as covered previously, the loan officer will not be able to create their loan in CU*BASE.

If a match is found on a block list, follow your credit union policies and procedures.  (In order to remove the block, you will need to remove the membership from the appropriate block list.)