The “pay to name” on the fraud block list is run against the following attempts to disburse funds:
  • Outgoing wire (Tool #73 Post Wire Transfer to Member Account and select Outgoing).
  • Teller checks and money orders (Process Code Issue Check(s) Against Account (C) or Issue Money Order(s) Against Account (M))
  • Phone Operator checks - Check (C)
  • Loan disbursements (Tool #50 Disburse Member Loan Funds)
  • AP Quick Checks (Tool #1961 AP3: Process Accounts Payable Payments, then Create Check (F6)).  The messaging will appear when the vendor is selected.
  • Miscellaneous expense checks (Tool #667 Print Miscellaneous Checks)
The employee is then presented a window alerting them if “no match was found” or if “a suspected match was found.” 
If a suspected match is found, is it recommended that the employee follow credit union policies and procedures.  From the “Suspected match was found” window, the employee has the following options: to view the membership block list for comments, to back up, or to override the warning.

All fraud block lists are accessed from Tool #892 Update Fraud Alert/Blocked Persons List.