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  • 1. Does CU*Answers host web sites? Views: 42
    Absolutely. Whether your site was built by CU*Answers, a third party or in-house at your credit union, we can host your site. We offer an iron-clad network, maximum uptime and generous storage and bandwidth allowances. In addition to basic hosting, we include features such as real-time page statistics for tracking site users, daily backup protection and server-side applications built in PHP or ASP. We even offer additional email services with any number of accounts, each including spam filtering  More...
  • 2. Why should I partner with CU*Answers for web services? Views: 42
    You like simplicity, don't you? You have enough to worry about with membership, rates and daily operations. Why add to your troubles? CU*Answers Web Services has years of web development experience. We know this stuff frontways and backways; it's what we live for. With CU*Answers' help, you don't need to worry about things like backward compatibility, NCUA web site compliance, or whether floats clear in your CSS-driven tables in IE5.01. We take care of it so you can worry about what really matte  More...
  • 3. Does CU*Answers develop web sites? Views: 38
    We sure do. Whether you're looking to start for the first time or start over, CU*Answers is ready to help you make your online vision a reality. We start with initial concepts; gathering content, layout ideas, and an overall design to model. Once we've established your digital vision, we build an initial site. Every CU*Answers web site is hand-coded with standards compliant HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Custom built to your credit union's needs, these sites represent the state of web developm  More...
  • 4. Does CU*Answers provide intranet site development? Views: 38
    Sure do. An intranet is simply a web site available privately to an internal network. We work with CU*Answers' spinoff company, WESCO Net, to provide application and hardware solutions for your intranet needs. The process for intranet development is the same as any other site. Reference the web development article for details.
  • 5. What web services does CU*Answers offer? Views: 30
    While the core focus of CU*Answers Web Services focuses on web site development and hosting, we operate largely on a concept of if you need it, we'll build it . Web page development, web maintenance, email accounts, intranets, email templates, custom contact forms, calculators, and interfacing with third party web service providers are all examples of projects completed in the past. We handle full site development from initial idea gathering to site registration and launch, and everything in bet  More...
  • 6. I would like members to be able to log on to Online Banking from my web site. How do I do that? Views: 8
    With the release of It's Me 247 Online Banking, we will no longer be supporting direct logins from a credit union's website. Visit http://ws.wesconet.com/online-banking-login/ for instructions about adding a button to your website for members to log in to online banking. (If you use this snippet, the button will automatically change from CU*@HOME to It's Me 247 on release date.) Or you can add a generic button of your own choosing using the same URL. direct login website logon online ba  More...
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