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  • 1. How long is G/L history retained on CU*BASE? Views: 53
    General ledger transaction history is retained on CU*BASE for 24 calendar months . For our online clients, we purge everything older than 24 months on the second weekend of every month. NOTE: Prior to March 2008 the retention period was 18 months.
  • 2. What subsidiary ledger processing systems does CU*BASE include? Views: 48
    CU*BASE provides tools to automate every subsidiary processing ledger. For instance, in addition to including a completely integrated General Ledger system, CU*BASE also includes Budgeting, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Accruals and Prepaids, Credit Union Investments processing systems as standard. Any of these subsidairy systems may be looked at in greater detail by accessing the CU*BASE Online Help link.
  • 3. Does CU*BASE offer a complete General Ledger and Subsidiary Processing system? Views: 34
    CU*BASE is designed to automate every subisidary ledger a credit union may incorporate.
  • 4. Does CU*BASE provide an integrated General Ledger system? Views: 31
    Yes, CU*BASE provides a complete integrated General Ledger System. The General Ledger application is the main software that an accounting department uses to monitor, update, report, and analyze all accounting activities. All other systems, including CU*BASE teller processing and lending, interface to the general ledger system. Accounting activities are controlled to a great degree by how you configure other CU*BASE applications (such as teller processing, ACH, and lending). Configuration of thes  More...
  • 5. How will our General Ledger history and financial statements be converted? Views: 29
    CU*Answers Conversion staff will menually enter your last Quarter-End YTD balances as conversion balances. Then each month's net change balances thereafter until your live conversion date. Since our General Ledger batch processing will let you back-date, you can still make adjustments to prior periods. The General Ledger History is not converted. Be sure to archive these entries through your old systems data archival methods. accounting
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