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  • 1. How can I estimate my dividends payable for end of month? Views: 29
    Share Dividends can be calculated three different ways: Simple Daily, Compound Daily and Average Daily Balance. Simple Daily and Compound Daily accrue to your General Ledger and to your Member records each day. (In addition, Certificate Dividends are accrued each day)Therefore, there is no need to estimate. You have the exact number each day! Because Average Daily Balance dividends are based on the member's average balance for the entire dividend period, a daily accrual number is not calcu  More...
  • 2. What is 'Monitor' and how do I get access? Views: 25
    Monitor is a shared project management tool on the web that gives everyone involved in developing software a centralized list to help team members understand where projects stand at any given time. By keeping our software projects open to our clients, CU*Answers is another instance where our cooperative spirit with our clients is demonstrated. You can get access to the Monitor at www.monitor.cuanswers.com .
  • 3. Does CU*BASE provide a way to forecast the effects of rate changes on my certificate portfolio? Views: 18
    Yes. On the Management Menu, there is a Certificate Re-Pricing Forecast option. dividends dividend
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