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  • 1. Are Marketing Club rate benefits paid to loans included in the YTD Interest paid amount? Views: 48
    No, loan rate benefits paid to members do not update the YTD Interest Paid amount, therefore are not reported to the IRS. However, Share/CD rate benefits do affect the YTD Dividend paid amount and therefore are reported to the IRS. bonus rebate
  • 2. What cross sales tools does CU*BASE include? Views: 38
    CU*BASE incorporates a number of sales tools to concentrate on member relationships and the availability to offer special programs. The following sales tools are standard features on the CU*BASE processing software: Cross Sales Tracking Loan Quoter Marketing Clubs Rate Inquiry Member Surveys and Online Ballots Telemarketing Leads ( Sales Tracker ) Tiered Services Sales information for members in Online Banking CU*BASE sales tools will educate your staff that you are serious about promoting the c  More...
  • 3. What are the benefits to my credit union that Tiered Service Scoring provides? Views: 28
    Tiered Service Scoring provides an automated way to reward members who participate in your credit union by assigning points for product usage. Members are scored monthly and can receive fee waivers/rate benefits based on their Participation Level based on the points earned . The credit union can then set appropriate Fee Schedules that apply to Basic Members in order to promote participation and increase your income at the same time! This software is integrated into Member Inquiry  More...
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