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  • 1. Who processes member statements for CU*Answers credit unions? Views: 64
    Sage Direct handles the statements for most of our credit union clients, including all online clients. See the link below for their current address, to be used for delivering statement inserts. Over the many years that we have been working with Sage, they have built some very sophisticated programming and implemented new technology to provide CU*BASE clients additional services not available through other providers: Sage Direct provides statistical statement handling information—such a  More...
  • 2. How does CU*Answers print member statements and provide mailing services? Views: 47
    The CU*BASE application allows the credit union to enter mailing instructions for their current statement mailing through a menu option. This includes the name and number of inserts, when they should arrive at the mailing center (Sage Direct), the cutoff date for mailing without the insert, and the contact name at the credit union for verification. This information is forwarded to our mailing service provider (Sage Direct) each month to verify the items received, and to be used in the current st  More...
  • 3. Does CU*BASE offer e-statements? Views: 45
    Yes, the introduction of CU*SPY browser-based statement retrieval has given credit union staff immediate access to member statements with both HTML and print-quality PDF formats. You can also allow your members access to their own statements using this same browser-based software, with E-statement features in Online Banking. Configuration options let you establish e-statements with no mailed copy, e-statements with additional mailed copy, or e-statements with additional mailed copy for a specif  More...
  • 4. What is the deadline for having statement stuffers (inserts) to Sage? Views: 39
    Statement inserts are generally due at Sage the day before the last business day of the month by 5:00 p.m. ET. (Business days include Monday through Friday, not including holidays.) There are sometimes exceptions to this rule, such as in December when inserts are usually due a week or so earlier than usual to accommodate the additional activity at year-end.
  • 5. In what format are eStatements? Views: 38
    PDF, TIF, CSV e-Statement
  • 6. When can my members expect to receive their e-statement notification? Views: 34
    CU*Answers Operations Department is dedicated to have all e-statement notifications sent by the end of the day of the second business day of the month. estatement estatements
  • 7. What vendor does CU*Answers support for eStatements? Views: 21
    CU*Answers own fully-integrated Online Banking solution, It's Me 247 online banking, includes eStatements natively generated from CU*BASE. e-statement
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